3. What they do …

The Buckley family

Today I’ve got another inspiring story for you. This time The Buckley family share their Christmas giving activity with us. I got to know them as a fun and loving family, who want to help out where they can. It’s a family of five, plus a kind dog and a cat who is fond of ruining your hair. He is a writer (so no worries about my English today!) and she loves to participate in roller derby. I think that’s enough random facts for now, enjoy!

“Care Packages for the Homeless
Year in and year out we go through a Christmas filled with shopping insanity, festive events, and an overabundance of wrapping paper. Very little thought is put into what’s actually happening around us.

This year, we agreed to give up giving Christmas presents in favor of spending time together as a family and helping others. While the kids were at first aghast at the thought of little or no gifts on Christmas morning, they quickly warmed to the idea of a Christmas spent together doing fun family stuff.

Some people live on the streets and there are various reasons as to why that happens.

Additionally, this year, we wanted the kids to take part in something that would help people in need during the winter season. They’re all at an age where they can understand that some people live on the streets and that there are various reasons as to why that happens.

As a family, we shopped for items that we thought would be beneficial to someone living on the streets this winter and created 25 packages that we could give out. The packages included snacks, gloves, socks, soap, a juice box, and hand and feet warmers.


We took the kids out on the first weekend in December to downtown Kelowna and delivered the packages throughout the area. The kids were a little apprehensive at first (except our youngest who attacks every task with reckless abandon) but they soon got into the giving spirit, particularly when the people they were giving the packages to were so appreciative.


It was a good learning experience for all of us really. And while it was only a small gesture on our part, hopefully it’ll help keep some people a little warmer this
Christmas season.”