What they do …

1. Linda & Tom

What they do … Wait, what? No ‘Today I will …’? That’s correct! This is a new category I added to the website in which I hope to share tons of great stuff!
The Better World website and Facebook page are meant as a place to share my journey (Today I will …) which hopefully works contagious. But I’ve always had the wish to share other people’s journeys as well. I think it’s super inspiring to read about steps other people take, and how they contribute to a better world in their own awesome ways. So I’m really excited to finally start this!

Today you can read about Linda & Tom who are currently on a world trip. I met Tom when I studied at the conservatory in Zwolle. All that isn’t really important right now. The best way to describe him: he is a traveller and he is very creative! Unfortunately, I didn’t meet Linda, but maybe when their trip takes them to Canada, we get to hang out.
They wrote a letter to tell us a bit more about their trip and especially about one step they took to make the world a better place! So: ‘What they do …’


“Hi all!
Let us introduce ourselves. We are Linda and Tom from the Netherlands and we are currently in Thailand. We left on September the 1st of 2015 to travel, quitting our jobs, doing what we really wanted. We’ve worked for several years and saved up money. Linda was a nurse in an oncology centre and was confronted every day with the fact that life can be really short. Tom used to be a musician and a coffee bar manager. We both were ready for something new and exciting and so we started traveling in September.
We are not the type of travellers who want to see all the major attractions, but we want to experience the local culture. The way we want to achieve that is by volunteering through workaway.info, a website which connects hosts with volunteers all around the world.

When everybody cares a little more for one another, the world could be a better place.

In Mongolia we stayed with a group of nomadic families. They had yaks, sheep, goats, horses. The animals lived semi-wild and everybody really cared about every single living creature.
In Vietnam we volunteered for two weeks at TiPi English Speaking Café, helping locals to improve their English and share cultures.
This way of traveling is a great way to experience different local cultures, people, lifestyles and believes. Unfortunately these differences are the cause for many bad things happening in the world.

For only € 0,40 ($ 0.50) you can provided one day of meals for one person.

The fact that so many things are happening and the fact that we can travel, made us want to do a little extra for a good cause. Because we believe when everybody cares a little more for one another, the world could be a better place. That’s why we decided to donate money via Share the Meal for every week we have done volunteering. Share the Meal is a mobile application made by the United Nation’s World Food Organization which makes donating really easy.
For only € 0,40 ($ 0.50) you can provided one day of meals for one person. The current fundraising goes to Syrian refugees living in refugee camps for the fifth year in a row, so they can focus on education instead of whether they will have food or not.
Our current score is 3 weeks volunteering and 3 weeks providing food via Share the Meal and we hope that many more will follow. It’s easy, direct, cheap and a good way to contribute to the well being of others, so will you Share the Meal too?

If you would like to follow us and keep up-to-date about how many meals we’ve shared by volunteering, please check our website.
We share stories, photos and even music every month. And if you know any place where we can come to volunteer, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Linda & Tom”