What they do …

14. Landon

When the Husband told me next week is ‘Bike To Work Week’, I knew I had to get Landon to write about it and that’s what happened. 🙂

Landon is a colleague of the Husband and over the last three years I managed to learn a bit about this guy. There aren’t a lot of people I know who I’ve actually never seen driving a car, but Landon is one of them! He loves biking and is very passionate about getting people to bike and making biking safer here in Kelowna. In general, he’s pretty passionate about stuff, and with his pretty strong opinions he would fit in nicely in The Netherlands. Besides that, I experienced he can keep a crowd entertained for an entire dinner (Christmas office party!).

But now, let’s get excited about biking to work by reading his story. Enjoy!

“Bike to Work Week
Growing up in North America I couldn’t wait to turn 16 and get my driver’s license, even stole my dad’s motorcycle when I was younger than that so that I could zoom around powered by gas. I look back on that attitude and smile at how naive I was and wonder what would have happened if I knew then where I was going on my journey in life.

The gasoline engine made it cheaper to get products transported from manufacturer to customer but it really has done a disservice to the average person, of which I am one. Bike To Work Week tries to do something about this by encouraging people to get out of their cars when they don’t necessarily need to drive.


Bike to Work Week is coming up next Monday and I’m going be participating for the 8th year. Each year I meet more people that have realized that maybe they don’t need to depend on a car for everything transportation related. Each year we see the numbers of cyclists grow and the number of kilometres traveled increase.

At the celebration stations hosted by the City you get to meet other people who are ditching their cars for a healthier and more active transport on a bike. Getting out into the fresh air ends up affecting our mental state as much as our physical one. To start the day off with a ride before being chained to our desks.

And don’t get me started on how cycling will solve a good portion of our problems: traffic jams – when a single person takes up 2m by 1m the amount of room on the roads seem unlimited, greenhouse gases – a good bowl of cereal in the morning costs less than the gas it would take to get to the office, bad health – studies have shown that moderate pedaling for 30 minutes a day will increase your quality of life by much much more.

And hey, have you ever had a conversation with a person in another car? In the dead of winter? No? I have had plenty of conversations while waiting at lights with other cyclists who realize even a bit of cold weather isn’t a reason for hanging up the bike. We don’t have barriers when we ride a bike, your neighbour is someone with a face, not blacked out windows and no muffler.

Biking has given me back my sense of community. The people I wave to randomly or make eye contact with and say hello to might not realize it,
but the world just got a bit better.”