What they do …

4. Imke

A new year, a new round of beautiful stories! Today I can let my youngest sister do the talking! She is great, works hard and devotes a lot of her time to doing nice things for other people. In short; I’m so proud of her! So, sit back, relax and read about one of the steps she takes to make this world a better place!

“Hi there!
Today I would love to share one of the things I do to make the world a better place. A while ago I helped setting up M25. M25 is an organization, which inspires youth to do voluntary work. I’m part of a team consisting of five other young people and one coach. We work in and around Eindhoven. M25 is based on Matthew 25 in which God explains the importance of helping each other, and while helping others also praising Him at the same time.

In Eindhoven about 1400 people don’t have a home and about 1200 people need help from the food bank.

Wonder why I love this job?
Through M25 I can express my love for God. Plus, this work opened my eyes to the poverty in Eindhoven: in Eindhoven about 1400 people don’t have a home and about 1200 people need help from the food bank.


The purpose of our upcoming event in January is loving the homeless. The Salvation Army has a shelter, which is opened from 10 am until 2 pm every day. Homeless people can take a shower and enjoy a hot meal. When I visited the shelter earlier, some volunteers told me that the attending homeless people never get the chance to celebrate their birthday. So, we will celebrate all of their birthdays at the same time, by giving them a nice cake, a present, a decorated shelter and a hot meal.
Thinking about this plan, puts a smile on my face. Helping others gives me so much energy and even the smallest gestures can make people happy.

My fulltime job is working as a waitress in a restaurant; I won’t be satisfied until my guests leave the restaurant happy and content. When I compare my job to M25, I realize M25 doesn’t only bring me satisfaction, but that it also makes me bounce around all day!”