Today I will …

change to reusable kitchen paper.

Remember the step where I changed to the ‘old-fashioned’ dishcloths? That was a big step for me, I thought … Once taken, the step turned out to be pretty ok. I’m still using the dishcloths and I’ve never felt any remorse about changing this. It feels much better to produce less waste with such an easy switch!

So today I’m finally ready to take the next step in this area. Again, I’ve been thinking about it for a while and like I wrote before: when I’m mentally ready for a step, it’s usually not a big deal anymore.

Want to take this step? Of course you can make your own unpaper towels as well!

A while ago, I bought some small (cheap) towels to replace my kitchen paper. They will be used for all sorts of spills, cleanups and whatever I would use regular kitchen paper for. That’s why I just bought some cheap towels, because they will get stained and won’t look great, but hey, that’s ok!

I washed them and put them away, because we went on holiday first! After our road trip we came back to find a birthday gift in the mail: ‘unpaper towels’! Apparently, my parents paid attention during a Skype conversation and bought me a beautiful upgrade for my cheap towels. I will, however, keep the towels at hand, since I don’t do laundry that often, but if the unpaper towels work great, I can always buy an extra role and click it to this one.

Unpaper towels can be bought in all sorts of sizes, shapes and designs. A role usually consists of little towels with buttons to click them together, so it’s possible to click a couple of sets together into one big role of kitchen paper.


In the beginning, I will have some kitchen paper at hand too, just to make the transition easier. Maybe some ‘kitchen paper functions’ turn out to be not really doable with the reusable towels, I’m not sure yet. I’m being really nice to myself and will allow myself to gently roll into this step.

So, let’s see how it goes and of course I’ll keep you updated! Do you have any tips and tricks for me? Please leave a comment, I can use all the help I can get. 😉

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