Today I will …

buy 3 organic products instead of the regular products.

Organic … Often I can’t see the wood for the trees, but I do know that organic products are more natural and better for the environment than regular products, for instance because no pesticides are used. When growing crops, the natural process is being followed, which requires more time and manpower to make a product, but the burden the earth has to carry, is light(er).

My organic peanut butter consists of ‘roasted peanuts’, regular peanut butter contains … well, much more than roasted peanuts.

peanutbutterUnfortunately organic products often are more expensive than regular products; which is pretty logical if you think of all the extra energy it costs to make it, right? Our budget is tight, but every organic product is an improvement, so today I’ll buy three organic products instead of the regular products I probably normally would have bought.

Psstt … I’m looking for well-researched information about organic products. What are the pros and cons? Do you have information that can help me out? Please let me know!

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