Today I will …

consciously thank three people for their work.

I can’t count the times I say ‘Thank you’ in a day. We’re all used to saying that so often that we tend to forget what it really means to thank someone.

Last week I read a Dutch blog by Kim. She compliments a person every Friday with a letter in her blog. That inspired me to think about being thankful and what it means to ‘consciously’ thank a person. Just take a moment to think about what that person did for me and then really thank him or her for that. It’s actually pretty simple, right?

Thankfulness, because we can work on a better world together.

Today I will thank three people for what they’ve done for me. The hardest part was choosing between all those people for whom I’m thankful! And that fact alone already makes thankful and happy.

I chose for three people who made this blog possible for me. First, Maurits who actually made this website. He makes it look pretty and makes all my ideas come to life. When I have an idea for a nice photo, he makes sure it looks amazing and better than I imagined. Thanks for that babe! (He’s my husband, so it’s sort of ok to say ‘babe’. 😉 )

Second (& third), Ieke & Tirza. They both once were my piano students, but now they teach me how to write proper English by checking my blog-updates and trying not to laugh too loud with my poor sentences. (They didn’t check this one, so forgive me whenever you read something weird.) I’m so happy with their work, it’s so helpful to me! *does a little thank-you-dance and plays a pianotune for them*

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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