Today I will …

not fill up my kettle more than necessary.

Every day I make a couple of cups of tea. Filling my kettle to the max (1.7 liters), so I don’t have to fill it up the next time I want to make a cup of tea, is one of my lazy features. This means that for every cup of tea, I boil more water than I need. What a waste!

It has to be said that my kettle needs less time to boil 1.7 liters than it would need to boil the same amount of water in different stages. My kettle needs about 5 minutes to boil 1.7 liters and around 3 minutes to boil 0.5-0.75 liters of water.

Tea time works even better with a tea cozy.

So, long story short: it’s more efficient to make a pot of tea and keep it warm with a tea cozy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for all types of tea, some will taste nasty after a while, but drinking a bit faster can solve that problem. 😉

If you’re a slow drinker, just fill up the kettle to the minimum (usually 0.5 liter). The water in the kettle will stay warm long enough to enjoy a second cup of tea without having to re-boil the water.

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