Today I will …

remove the staples from my used tea bags.

Since I moved to Canada, I have been blessed with a vegetable garden. Technically it’s not mine, but I work in it and eat from it, so yeah … I have a vegetable garden.

And for that garden you’ll need compost. It’s great to let all those banana peels rot, so the tomato plants will grow well next year. Tea bags are also allowed in a compost bin and since I drink liters of tea I’m surprised we didn’t have tomatoes tasting like ‘Minty Morocco’ this summer.

Fortunately more and more brands use tea bags without staples.

The staples are a big drawback. The brand of tea I drink, uses staples in their tea bags and staples aren’t composting. Because I don’t throw my tea bags into the green bin anymore, but into ‘my own’ garden, I really got aware of the fact that staples don’t belong between the rotting banana peels. So, what to do? Easy peasy, just remove the staple from the bag and throw it in the garbage. Do the same thing with the card at the end of the chord; usually it’s plastified.

To make this step as small as possible, I save up my used tea bags from a day and when I’m cleaning the dishes and before I clean the kitchen (!), I rip those staples out in a second. And yes, in the beginning I had tea all over the place, but after a while I really developed this special skill. 😉

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