Today I will …

use a solar powered watch.

People who leave their mobile phone at home when they leave the house, are almost non-existing, but I’m one of that kind. First of all, I hate having to call people, so when I really have to, I make sure I’m home, with a pen and paper closeby. Calling somebody just for fun, no way … Besides that, I think it’s absolutely unnecessary to be reachable at all times, so only when I’m really going out of town, I’ll bring my phone to be able to call somebody when the car breaks down (or something like that). Lastly, I’m a hippie (and I know it), and I believe the radiation from your mobile phone can give you all sorts of nasty problems, so I don’t want to carry that sick thing too close to my body too much.

Disadvantage: I can’t check the time without a phone, and I do love to know the time, all the time. So I had a watch, but that one stopped working, because: battery. And that annoying, very small battery is more effort to replace than just a normal AA battery we usually have lying around somewhere in the house.

Keeping track of the time without having to worry about the battery, awesome!

But, don’t fear! A while ago, I edited a very cool magazine (for my work) and read a mini ad in there, from SmileSolar, and yes, that made me smile! SmileSolar makes watches on solar power. No hassle with those tiny batteries, a watch that doesn’t run out of power (a fully charged watch doesn’t need any light for 3,5 months and who lives in a cave for that long?!), and the watches are environmental friendly.

Guess what? It even gets better. The watches are very affordable and won’t cost you anything extra (like batteries). To top it off, they’re partly made from recycled materials and waterproof (until a certain depth).

Since I’m not afraid to bug companies with my questions, I decided – after I read their website – to send them an e-mail, because a product like this needs to be shared with The Better World. Turns out: SmileSolar doesn’t just make awesome products, but is also very generous and positive! They just gave me two watches, wow! (One for me, hooray, and one to give away, so stay tuned!)

Important detail: I don’t get paid for these blogs (for none of my blogs!), and SmileSolar doesn’t have any power over what I write, I write what I want, even when people give me watches.

Ok, back to the watches. Nathalie (SmileSolar’s representative) also pointed out to me that this company gives a part of their revenues to Table For Two, a worldwide organisation that strives for better, healthier meals for kids that don’t get enough food, and for kids that don’t get the right (healthy) food. Way to go!

These last couple of months I’ve been experimenting with solar power and I shared my enthusiasm about WakaWaka with you guys (the discount code is still working, only a couple more weeks!). That’s why this step is great for this point in my ‘journey’. This way I can get even more ‘cellphoneless’ and still know what time it is.

Check out SmileSolar’s website, I think the watches would be great birthday presents (even for yourself). Excited for the give away? Stay tuned on The Better World’s page on Facebook and make sure you don’t miss out!

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