Today I will …

surprise friends with a ‘Sinterklaas’ gift.

Even though I live at the other side of the world, the Dutch traditions are engraved in my heart. I love the ‘Sinterklaas’ holiday, but for me it’s mainly about the act of giving. I think everybody should give their own interpretation to the feast and celebrate it in a way they feel good about it. That makes it a day celebrated in many different ways. When I grew up, we used to have a ‘gezellige’ evening with the unexpected, expected gifts at our front door, handmade gifts, good food and staying up late. During the days before Sinterklaasavond we were allowed to put our shoe in front of the chimney and sometimes a Piet would come to ‘throw around’ some candy. Yes, while I’m writing this, I realize it must sound totally bizarre, but trust me, this is a pretty traditional way to celebrate this feast … Just Google it if you really can’t believe what I just wrote. 😉

Anyways, I love our way of celebrating, but there are many different ways to celebrate and to enjoy Sinterklaas and his Petes. Things are changing around Sinterklaas, but keep in mind: it’s about giving.

Giving is good for your spirit & body.

I enjoy making a nice gift for somebody, to make a person happy with a gift, and I think ‘Sinterklaas’ is what made me start enjoying this. But what to do with this weird tradition in a country that doesn’t know the guy at all …? Well, luckily the Dutch are everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE.
We know a cool semi-Dutch family who had a tough year. Today I will surprise them with a package filled with Dutch products. Thanks to my caring family and a special store downtown, I have a lot of Dutch stuff and sharing this makes me happy. (And I hope it will make them happy too.)


Giving isn’t bound to a day or place.

Do you like this idea?
No worries, every day is a good day to surprise someone with a gift! Normally, we’d put the gift in front of the front door, ring the doorbell and run away. Maybe that is weird when it’s not Sinterklaas Evening, but people will like it anyway.
When you think this is too weird, just wait for Christmas … that surely is an acceptable moment for giving.

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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