Today I will …

recycle broken light bulbs.

It might seem like a far fetched step to take, but living in a basement means loads of broken light bulbs. We have to replace a light about once or twice a month, but sometimes they all decide it’s time to break within a week. With all the movement happening upstairs, it’s inevitable it will be happening again and again, so I’d better find a good way to make sure those light bulbs don’t end up in landfills.

In Canada LightRecycle makes sure the collected bulbs are taken apart and all the recoverable materials are recycled. Since 2010 this means over 12.5 million bulbs were saved from a dive into a landfill! For us, it’s super easy: find a recycle depot (bottle depot, or some stores) and leave your light bulbs! That’s it. 🙂

Dutchies can do the same thing: go to a collection point (even grocery stores!) and leave those bulbs! Wecycle sums up a lot of places where you can hand in your broken lights, check their website for more details.

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