Today I will …

share my magazines.

For those who weren’t aware of it yet: I’m a Dutch girl living in Canada, plus I love to read. Reading English books works fine for me, but it’s a real treat to be able to read some Dutch books or magazines. So my mom (she’s awesome 🙂 ) sometimes sends me some Dutch magazines, which I read from cover to cover, every letter of it. I save them for a relax moment and make sure I don’t read all of them at once, so I can enjoy some more Dutch in the following weeks too.

Making somebody happy with something you would otherwise have thrown away… sounds bad, but is great!

But after I have read them they just lay around, waiting for the blue bin (recycling bin), I guess. (I really don’t like to read things twice, or it must be after at least a couple years; with magazines that’s no fun at all.) But instead of throwing them in the blue bin, I can make another Dutchie happy! That’s way more fun!

So today I will bring my old magazines to my Dutch friend to share the joy of reading Dutch!

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