Today I will …

unplug 2 electronic devices.

Not so long ago my little sister showed me this great campaign: Pole to Pole. I wasn’t surprised that she was the one telling me about this, because it’s a campaign initiated by zoos, aimed at saving polar species and their habitat, and she is one of the greatest animal lovers I know. To put the idea behind the campaign in 1 sentence: less CO2 emissions, means more room for polar species.

Standby power use is roughly responsible for 1% of global CO2 emissions.

When you see the sad polar bear on your computer screen, it’s hard to say no to this campaign. I made myself brave and took a closer look at the action before I decided what to do. The campaign is easy to join, a perfect step for The Better World! Filling out a simple form and actually pulling out some plugs, is all you have to do. So far, 2490 people pledged to unplug 9593 electronic devices, which means CO2 emissions of 212,139 pounds of burned coal, are being saved!

A television in stand-by still costs 1.84 kWh per month, that’s 0.60 Canadian Dollar.

All in all, an easy decision: I’m in!
The coming three months I will make sure the television and toaster plug are unplugged when not in use. Why these two devices? Well, I’m lazy and because we never watch tv and almost never toast bread, this was the easiest option. And giving the husband a hard time when he forgets to unplug his cell phone charger, is already part of the routine.

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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