Today I will …

print my documents in a different font.

We don’t print much in this house, but every now and then we’re out of ink and it’s time to buy a new cartridge … (sigh).

The trick of saving ink by using the ‘concept print’ option, plus the ‘no colour’ option, is an old one. The printer will use less ink (Ok, I must admit the document looks a bit shabby), and we don’t have to buy those crazy expensive cartridges that often. On top of that, it doesn’t matter for our documents, we can read them anyway.

Suvir: ‘Ink is two times more expensive than French perfume.’

An American schoolboy (Suvir) had a way more genius idea: using a different font that needs less ink! He figured it all out (which makes me happy, because now I don’t have to do that) and it turns out that ‘Garamond’ uses approximately 24 percent less ink than ‘Times New Roman’. Another study shows that changing your font from ‘Arial’ to ‘Century Gothic’ can save up to 30 percent of ink, but the latter font takes up more space so you’ll need more paper.

Printing less is even better and I’m happy to see that trend growing, also within governments. But we’re still printing, and a lot! In spite of printing less, using recycled paper and all sorts of campagnes to make us aware of the environmental impact of printing, printing still costs a lot of resources and money. Suvir calculated that the American government can save up to 370 million dollars by changing the font! 370 million! That’s a whole freaking lot!

370 million dollars can provide approximately 4.4 million people with clean drinking water.

Let’s say we all change the font before we print a document … So that’s only changing the font when you actually print something. Yes, you can still use ‘Comic Sans’ for your e-mails. In pink if you want to … But let’s say we all do that, plus print around 30 percent less than we used to … Poverty, hunger, no access to water, …, would all be history, right? It sure would help! 🙂

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