Today I will …

take my old medication back to the pharmacist.

The medicine cabinet … It’s full of stuff, but never the stuff you need at that particular moment. Also, during a clean-up it turns out most of it is past it’s expiration date. It’s time to get rid of it!
But what to do with medication you can’t or don’t have to use anymore? Old prescription drugs do not belong in the garbage, but will be collected by a pharmacist. The pharmacist makes sure everything will be destroyed in a safe and correct manner, so nobody can ‘accidentally’ take your old medicine, and no toxins are released when drugs are disposed of in the garbage. To name a few possible dangers. 😉

Bandages and cotton wool are allowed in the garbage.

So today I’ll bring my stack of medicine to a pharmacist. My medicine cabinet looks tidy and organised again, plus what’s still in there, is safe to use, great!

Psstt … Did you know that the bathroom is the worst place ever for a medicine cabinet? This warm and humid room is really bad for the quality of your prescription drugs. We’ve reserved (part of) a cabinet in the kitchen for our stuff. If you have kids, make sure all medication is put on a high shelf, or locked away!

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