Today I will … 

sign three Amnesty International petitions.

Being lazy and doing something useful at the same time; that’s how this step works! On the website of Amnesty International you can find loads of petitions that are waiting to be signed. And these signatures matter, in contrast to what I always thought.

An estimated 3.2 million people in prison haven’t yet had a trial.

Let’s start with some facts which will hopefully convince you to join me today. Amnesty International started in 1961 and takes injustice personal. The organisation strives to create a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. To accomplish this goal a lot of research and determined campaigning is needed. Amnesty doesn’t receive money from governments or political parties because it wants to be completely independent.

Amnesty even developed an app with which you can sign urgent petitions with a couple clicks.

These autographs … are they really useful? The facts don’t lie: in the seventies only sixteen countries were against the death penalty, but after years of campaigning now two third of the world’s countries don’t use it anymore. The petitions you can find on the website already freed tens of thousands of prisoners. So yes, those couple of minutes of your life do matter! Plus, it’s your choice which petitions you do or don’t sign; so you only sign the ones you believe in.

Thanks to Amnesty International, rapists in Morocco can no longer escape punishment by forcing their victims to marry them.

It’s also really encouraging and motivating to browse through Amnesty International’s website and read some success stories. That makes you realise what a difference you, as an individual, can make!
Want to join me?

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