Today I will …

buy environmentally friendly dish detergent.

As promised, I take one tiny step at a time and this step doesn’t cost me any extra time or effort, at most some extra cash. Our dish washer goes through one washing cycle a day, so it needs one tab of dish detergent per day. As a result, every now and then, while grocery shopping, I get the choice: cheap or green?

There’s not much choice in organic, green products, so nowadays I choose the cardboard packaging with the picture of a dad and his son happily fishing (?!). Probably while the mom is doing the dishes … Next to the picture a couple of advantages of this kind of detergent are listed, including the use of (31 percent) less chemicals and no perfume. If you’re not worried about the chemicals, the lack of perfume still must be sufficient reason to buy this product.

Nobody wants to get a daily portion of perfume with their meals, right?

Of course, I’m still really curious about that remaining percentage of chemicals used and if there might be an even better alternative, but at least this is a step in the right direction: a reduced environmental footprint and better for your body. For now, that’s enough, but this will be continued!

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