Today I will …

hand out a care package to a homeless person.

Remember The Buckley family? About 2.5 months ago they told their story in the ‘What they do …’ category. As a family they made and handed out some care packages to homeless people in Kelowna. I loved that story! That must have been such a good experience for the Buckley kids and they made a lot of people happy, I’m sure of that.

Not too long after that, we cleaned out our closet and I decided to keep one sweater and one pair of gloves from our donation boxes (for the thrift store) and assemble a care package. Since it was pretty cold outside, I figured a sweater and some warm gloves would be very welcome to somebody living on the streets. A little search through our stuff resulted in some other useful items, such as a toothbrush and soap. It’s soap from the hotel we stayed in, and a toothbrush I got from my dental hygienist; the stuff is new and I don’t use it, so win-win!

This way, assembling a package was easy and nearly cost free! We also had a coupon for a free coffee and I wrote a little encouraging note. The only things I actually bought especially for this package, were fruit, a bottle of water, and some toothpaste (you can’t give a brush without toothpaste).

It was fun making a package and we will probably make another one to keep in our car until we see somebody in need. If you like to help, but don’t like to always just give money, maybe this is a nice way to go!

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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