Today I will …

check in with a neighbour

In wintertime it’s really compelling to sit inside, read a book, drink tea and forget the world around you, especially when it snowed a lot. But my (elderly) neighbours might have more trouble with this weather than I have, and you probably have some neighbours like that as well.

I think they would really appreciate a simple check in: ‘Hey, how are you doing? Need a hand with shoveling some snow? Or have any problems in the house? I’m going grocery shopping, need anything?’ Or, if your neighbours are like mine and are a bit stubborn in accepting help (which I totally get, I’m like that too), just a simple ‘Hey, I haven’t seen you around in this weather, everything ok?’ will do wonders too.

It’s not that my neighbours are helpless, on the contrary, they are usually one of the firsts to shovel their driveway and they are used to cold winters, but I think it’s just nice to check in on each other. I like it when I get a message from somebody, saying that he/she thought of me. Our neighbours would probably appreciate it too. And they don’t have to be old of course. 😉

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