Today I will …

switch to reusable cotton pads.

Currently, I’m using make-up remover pads to remove my make-up. These pads are non reusable and not really cheap, at least 7 Canadian Dollar (5 euros) for a few weeks of make-up removing. Moreover, I wonder how healthy they are for my eyes and skin. The kind of pads I choose are for sensitive skin, but the ingredients still sound pretty chemical.

Fortunately, thanks to a ‘zero waste’ website I learned about a nice alternative: reusable cotton rounds made from organic cotton, which apparently will be completely clean again after a wash cycle in the washer. This should work really well in combination with a small amount of coconut oil and of course I’m going to give it a try!

I ordered my pads on a website for young moms. Luckily they didn’t check if I had a baby.

There are different types, sizes and prices of rounds available and I chose a box of 30 pieces, so I don’t have to wash extra to have clean ones. I do not use them every day, so I expect this will be enough. The rounds come with a small laundry bag, so they won’t ‘dissappear’ in the washer. In total it costed me around 40 CAD (about 30 euros), but they will be delivered, within a couple days. The rounds are made of organic, fair trade cotton. On top of that, if I like this method, it will be cheaper in the long run, will make my face happy with a natural product and will help me on my zero waste journey.

Want to join me? Just google ‘reusable cotton rounds’ and have fun! By the way, make sure you choose the organic cotton, ‘regular’ cotton seems to have a lot of pesticides and if you’re doing this ‘hippie’ step, better do it good. 😉

Psstt … it’s possible to make them yourself … I wish you patience and good luck!

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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