Today I will …

do a big load of laundry, instead of different small loads during the week.

Our appliances are so big, I can save up the laundry for 2 weeks and still have room for more dirty clothes! Washing everything at once will save a lot of water, electricity and laundry detergent. And to be honest; we really do have enough clothes to get us through 2 weeks without having to wear the same underwear twice 😉post-lotsoflaundry-1

 The cleanness will actually be as good, or even better, than a small load!

Do you like this idea? Then make sure you leave a little bit of room in the washer; don’t fill it up 100 procent. Although it’s ok to do that, it will give you a bigger chance of little holes in your clothes (the clothing can get stuck between the door and the rubber band, and that will happen more often when the machine is loaded to the max), plus sometimes the laundry detergent won’t be fully washed out and can give irritation for people with a sensitive skin.

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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