Today I will …

let Suus know I’m thinking of her.

Remember the concept of the positive postcard? Probably. But do you also remember Suus? Suus is the big sister of Isa, whose last wish was to get loads of mail. And the family did get tons of mail!

But … that was more than six months ago. Shortly after I wrote that blog post, Isa passed away and left Suus alone with her mom and dad. The mail probably also stopped coming in and I can imagine that must feel lonely from time to time.

All the gifts Isa got in the mail will be sent to Gambia, to make other kids happy.

Today I will write a positive postcard for Suus. Just a note to say hi. It’s that simple!
Want to join me? I’m sure Suus and/or her parents would love more mail (who doesn’t love mail?!). You can find their address in the blog post ‘Last Wish’.

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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