Today I will …

make a shopping list.

About a year ago I started The Better World and I asked for ideas in a Facebook post. Karlijn, my sister-in-law, told me she always makes a shopping list before going to the grocery store, so she won’t come home with unnecessary products, which result in surplus and spoiled foods. This way, she only buys what they really use.

You also save money if you only buy the necessary items!

Besides that, by making a grocery list I get a much better overview of what’s already in the house, what we need for certain dishes and if it’s enough for 10 to 14 days. I try to go to the grocery store only a couple of times a month. During summertime that’s not a problem: the vegetable garden provides an abundance of fresh produce. In wintertime, every couple of weeks, we make two pots of chili and/or a different dish and deep freeze it in portions. That’s enough food for 10 to 12 dinners (though not consecutively 😉 ) and therefore I do not need fresh veggies in the house on a daily basis, but we’ll still be eating healthy! For other fresh produce in-between shopping moments (bananas are a big favorite here) the Husband goes for a little stroll during his lunch break, since his office is located just a walking distance of five minutes from a store.

An organised list may not immediately contribute to a better world, but it will save you time.

For an effective shopping experience I devide my grocery list into six sections: personal care (shampoo), household items (toilet paper), fresh produce (apples, zucchini), everything in packages (beans, chips), bread & refrigerator department (eggs) and freezer (ice cream, of course!). Luckily, I can skip the meat and fish departments! At the bottom of my list, I write down the few items I get at another store, because they are cheaper there. It’s a little neurotic, but it works like a charm and I can systematically go through the store, so I will also less likely get lost in the chocolate aisle.

All in all, a shopping list has quite some advantages to it. Don’t forget to use old prints (or old mail) for your lists instead of new paper.
Ready to join me or do you rather freewheel your way through the store?

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