Today I will …

not dry my clothes in the dryer.

Until I moved to Canada, I had never had a dryer. Thanks to our awesome landlords I now have access to my own massive washer and dryer, so doing laundry has never been easier. A while ago I decided to use my washer as effective as possible, as I already wrote in a previous blog.
Effective washing is great, but not using the dryer is even better. I survived years without a dryer, so why not? It’s easy and now spring is here, clothes will dry even faster! So I actually only need to use the dryer to dry the sheets from the bed, because we don’t have enough hanging space to let that dry properly.

A dryer accounts for approximately 6 percent of the yearly energy consumption of a household.

It means my dryer gets a lot of free time and I will save some electricity. Not to mention it is also better for your nice shirts and pants not to dry them in the dryer! You won’t have to buy new stuff that often anymore. But I’m not sure if that would make you decide to join me in my ‘no-dryer-journey’ …

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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