Today I will …

donate 10 percent of my income.

Most of you might know this principle as a biblical one, but I think this would be a good action regardless of any (religious) beliefs. Donating money can be tough: you never seem to have enough, but I’ve never had to sleep on the streets, I’ve always been able to buy food and I can even fly home without getting into debt.

The last couple of years I’ve discovered giving makes me happy, free and rich. And yes, sometimes it’s hard, but by choosing the charities myself, giving becomes a fun activity. I usually choose personal charities, for example an event a friend is organising. Giving to a charity like that, for me, works best, because it will motivate a friend. Besides that, I think it’s important that I believe in the charity and that I think my money can be spend in a useful way. My third ‘requirement’ for a good charity is one that uses most (better: all!) of the money for the cause itself instead of advertising or administration. (You can get sponsors for that, you know.)

Giving is contagious. Not only that: if people know how much others give, they’re more likely to give the same amount of money to charity.

My way of selecting charities is not yours and my thoughts on what’s important aren’t yours and that’s ok! Still I would like to give you a couple of examples of charities I’ve supported over the last few months. Because they’re mainly Dutch, the list in this blog post isn’t long. If you’re able to read Dutch, I will encourage you to read the Dutch version of this blog post to get more ideas!
One awesome initiative that’s Dutch, but is also available in English*, is Ruth’s idea. She will cycle a whooping 2000 kilometers in 2 weeks to support kids who don’t have the health to do that. I love this: she really works for the money and is prepared to make a huge sacrifice! Above all, she’s an awesome person and I know every donation will motivate her to give her all.
Another charity I came to know is Provision of Hope Liberia. It is run by a great woman who made us feel at home when we first arrived in Canada. I’ve come to know her as a hard working woman who runs this charity with her whole heart. It costs her so much time and effort and every penny counts!

It is these small charities I like the most. Charities driven by people who invest so much in them and who think about every dollar they spend. If you think clean drinking water, education, cancer medication, food, nature or animals are important, it really doesn’t matter: for every need there’s a charity, so you can give to whatever you think matters most.

Ruth and/or Provision of Hope didn’t ask me to name them in this blog post, I’m not sponsored, but donations are always welcome … 😉

*Unfortunately, the English donation site is offline right now, but your donation is still very welcome! Just send me or Ruth a message and we’ll figure it out!

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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