Today I will …

change to ‘old-fashioned’ dishcloths.

Let’s wipe those sticky hands, give the table a quick clean-up, scrub the countertop and after that polish off those spaghetti stains from your kid’s face. Oh, I do hate dishcloths! And that’s not entirely unjustified: after 24 hours the average dishcloth contains more bacteria than a toilet seat in a public toilet!

So I swore them off as soon as I could, and switched to moist wipes. That choice obviously wasn’t the most kind choice for the environment, and for a while I just tried to ignore my nagging conscience. But now the moment is finally here: the dishcloth is restored! Hooray! (I think)

In The Netherlands, people use the same dishcloth for an average of two (!!) weeks.

So, by reintroducing the dishcloth I appeased my conscience. But to also uphold my germophobic traits, I have devised a battle plan to make this new step as successful as possible. So I didn’t just buy one dishcloth, but about fifteen. Enough to change cloths every day, well, if I think that’s nessecary (because I don’t have kids’ faces to clean up and I will never wash my own with one, that’s one step too far 😉 ). With that amount of cloths, I will be certain the laundry basket will be full before the dishcloth box is empty, so no extra rounds of laundry!

A Dutch minister is in complete agreement with me: change your dishcloth every day!

Not only am I doing the environment a favor, but also my wallet. At least, if I can keep this up … after all the cloths weren’t free of charge.

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