Today I will …

buy fair trade, organic, environmentally friendly chocolate.

Wow, that’s a lot of words for just chocolate … But since it’s one of my favorite things to eat, I believe it’s important to ‘do’ it right!

A while ago, I decided to go to a different grocery store, which mainly has organic produce and thus some different products than my regular grocery store. I almost fainted when I saw the chocolate aisle: SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! At that moment I decided I had to try all brands … ‘for my blog’. So I bought a couple of bars … and went back a week later to buy more (different brands of) chocolate.

Now, some time later, the Husband and I got pretty fat, but also quite wise! We mostly tasted dark chocolates, because that’s healthier than milk chocolate, and most of the times vegan too. We did taste a couple of varieties: just dark (70% or more), or chocolate with rice and sweetened with Stevia (good!), with cacao bits (I LOVED it, Husband didn’t), and even with quinoa (Yes! Good!).

In The Netherlands Tony’s Chocolonely is doing a great job by producing ‘slavery free’ chocolate (and mostly fair trade).

But it’s not really about how they taste I guess, but more about the fair trade, organic and environmentally friendly rate. Good news: there are a lot of decent brands out there! (Note: I didn’t do extensive research … yet … So this is just based on the information I found on their wrappers and websites.)

There are a couple of brands I’d like to name here because I liked certain facts about their chocolate. Again, my tiny list is totally incomplete, I didn’t do extensive research and I’m always open to try more and different brands of chocolate (that’s a no brainer). The brands I will mention below are all fair trade and organic, but they also have some other nice ‘features’.


One of the first chocolates we tried, was the ‘Dark Quinoa’ from Alter Eco. What I really like about this brand is the special ‘Objective Carbon Zero’ with which they strive to stabilize the land by planting trees and having a sustainable agriculture. On the inside of their wrappers you can read all about that. Plus, we really liked the quinoa chocolate! It has a lot of iron (good!), but doesn’t taste as bitter as some dark chocolates, so the Husband liked it as well.

Marianas Flying Foxes are vital to forest regeneration.

Secondly, Endangered Species chocolate is a fun chocolate. Each flavour has a different wrapper and represents a different endangered species. On the inside of the wrapper of the dark chocolate with cacao nibs I found a lot information about the Marianas Flying Fox (in my eyes: a bat). Endangered Species supports wildlife conservation by donating 10 percent to partners like the African Wildlife Foundation. They also source their cocoa from small-scale farms.

Green & Black’s is the third brand I’d like to name in this list. It’s a bigger brand with loads of flavour choices. I actually couldn’t find anything special on their wrapper, and honestly, I didn’t love their chocolate. But … the chocolate is available in most grocery stores, and it is fair trade and organic, so always a good choice for the planet and yourself!

A biodegradable wrapper for the win!

Two more brands to go, otherwise I’ll keep on going. 😉 I’m really excited about these last two brands, but for totally different reasons!

Camino made me a happy girl by putting their chocolate in biodegradable wrappers. Yes, you read that right! You can throw their (inner) wrappers (outer wrapper is just paper, recycle that!) on your compost pile and it will disappear within no time! That is such an amazing thing to do, Camino! I absolutely love that! I contacted them and they explained a lot about the process, and even did a little test at their office to see if it’s really degradable. (A test I might have to do myself too, would you like to see that happening? Let me know!)
Little side note to this wonderful story: not all city systems can handle these wrappers in their compost piles. It was a long story I didn’t completely understand, but the wrappers are TOTALLY fine on your compost pile at home!

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite Canadian chocolate (Tony’s Chocolonely, I’m waiting for your chocolate in Canada!) … Zazubean (flavour ‘Nakid’, dark chocolate with cocoa nibs & vanilla)! My taste buds just love that flavour! Also, I like the fact that it’s a Canadian brand, and they are not just fair trade, but ‘fair for life’, which means farmers are working under good working conditions and human rights are garantueed. Zazubean is also committed to make healthy chocolate, with clean ingredients. The only thing missing is a bio degradable wrapper …

So there you are, chocolate … It makes my days better and I hope to have shown you that there are lots of choices that will make other people’s and the world’s day better as well!

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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