Today I will …

recycle printer cartridges.

Despite the smart ink-saving trick I explained earlier, cartridges occasionally do run out of ink. Refilling cartridges can be an option, but my experience with that isn’t too positive and moreover, I wouldn’t know where to go to here in Canada. So the least I can do, is make sure the cartridges will be recycled!

The plastic used for cartridges can take up to a thousand years to decompose.

So far, I have no luck finding a charity that collects cartridges, but the mall has a beautiful recycle bin where I can throw them in, so they won’t end up in the garbage.

‘Stichting Aap’ can cover a large part of their daily expenses with the money they make from the cartridges.

Fortunately, I do have a couple of tips for readers in The Netherlands! Some charities welcome empty cartridges and Stichting Aap is one of them. For years, I have supported them that way and in the process made some monkeys happy. Don’t like monkeys (which I really can’t imagine, but it’s ok)? Then you might find it fun to support the CliniClowns. Good for the world and good for each other, now that’s what I call recycling!

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