Today I will …

feed some birds.

For some time now, snow is staring down at us from the mountain tops and every day we see it coming closer to our home. We’ve had some flurries already, so it won’t be long before we’ll have a decent amount of snow and birds all around us will have to work hard for their ‘daily bread’.

0.05% of the Americans calls the end of a loaf of bread a ‘shpitzel’.

Fortunately, the Husband really dislikes the first and last slices at the end of each loaf of bread (the crusty bits) that don’t have the size of a normal sandwich. Bread rarely goes stale in this house, thanks to our huge freezer, but those small parts of bread often stay behind in the freezer forever and that annoys me. Constantly eating tiny sandwiches doesn’t appeal to me either …

1.97% of the Americans doesn’t have a word for those ends, heels or crusts …

Today, all those tiny leftovers will be left on the countertop to dry. After that, I will offer the birdies a feast, and enjoy my tidy freezer.

Psstt … If you’re into baking and cooking, you can also put those pieces in the food processor and make really cheap bread crumbs. No need to buy those ever again!

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