Today I will …

keep the oven light off.

My big American (Canadian) oven just screams to be used lots! Cakes, cookies, potato fries, roasted veggies … it’s all sooooooo good. But that’s not the point I’m trying to get across … In the Netherlands I had a small oven which automatically turned on the oven light when in use. My current oven understands the concept of The Better World: the light stays off unless you turn it on yourself. Really convenient, because 90 percent of the time you’re not looking into that oven anyway.

Those potato fries can take forty minutes to bake, but I usually only check them a couple times.

And while a cake is baking, some checking needs to be done, but most of the time I’m cleaning up the mess I made and checking my e-mail. And in case you didn’t notice: the oven lamp will turn on when you open the door, so peeking into your oven is still no problem! No need to turn that light on!

How about your oven? Does it work the same way or can you find a way to turn off the light by hand?

*Blind Baking is a baking technique that has nothing to do with the oven light, but I just wanted a nice title for my blog post.

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