Today I will …

walk to the store instead of taking the car.

A while ago, Landon told his story and informed us about Bike to Work Week. It’s a great initiative to get people moving, spare the earth some greenhouse gases and make more community. Of course, I want to take this step as well, but I do have to alter this step …

Last year, over 34,000 people joined Bike to Work Week.

First of all, it’s obviously not Bike to Work Week anymore. That week we were housesitting, so we decided another week would work better for us (from our own home). That being said, every week can be Bike to Work Week, right? Just as almost every step I blog about isn’t supposed to be a one time thing, but an ongoing step.

Since I work from home, ‘bike to work’, isn’t really going to work. Plus, I live on a pretty steep hill and I’m that person who doesn’t like biking uphill (AT ALL). So bike to work won’t be a thing at all, but also the bike to work would be a ‘thing’. I do go out for the grocery shopping and there is a store on 1.3 km distance, which is totally doable by foot. It’s not the store I usually go to, but for the basic veggies and fruit, it’s totally fine.

So, instead of biking to work, I will walk to that grocery store this week. By the way, the Husband will participate in our alternative Bike to Work Week and will be actually biking to work. So at least one of us is doing what we’re supposed to be doing. 😉

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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