Today I will …

buy 3 items in bulk.

This is the third ‘ban the bags’ blog post and every time I go a bit smaller: from the shopping bags, to the bags to hold veggies and fruits to … the bags containing rice, pasta, nuts et cetera. So today it’s time to make a start to ban those bags.

Everything we find in the grocery store is packaged in plastic, cardboard or maybe both. While Kelowna doesn’t have all the stores (with bulk items) I need (I think) to completely go package free, I can make a very decent start and today is that day! I will buy a couple of ‘easy’ items in bulk: rice, oats and peanuts. Those bulk items are available in the groceries stores, but here in Canada (I don’t think it’s a thing in The Netherlands yet) we also have ‘bulk stores’ with a wide range of products to buy in … bulk.

Package-free stores are on the rise in Europe, like the German store called ‘Unverpackt’, which basically means package-free.

There is only one catch: how to get those items home without using bags … Well … at some stores you can bring your own containers or jars and just fill those up. To me, that sounds pretty hippie-like, but I guess I just have to get used to it. Another option are the bulk bags; something like the produce bags I wrote about in an earlier blog post, but made of cotton and a bit thicker (so your flour doesn’t go anywhere and stays clean). That might be an easier solution, because it doesn’t involve hauling around heavy jars.

For those of you that aren’t ready to go completely hippie: a couple of cool stores provide biodegradable plastic bags, so you can still be like any other costumer and be good for this world.

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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