Today I will …

use produce bags.

Recently, I blogged about bringing my own reusable bags to the grocery store, but soon after that I got pretty annoyed by the fact that I still had to put my vegetables and fruit in plastic bags. A bag of kiwis and a bag of potatoes, some beans in a bag and after paying for it all, I put all those plastic bags in my environmentally friendly reusable bag.

Plastic produce bags are the worst: I never reuse those.

That’s just wrong and needs to be fixed. (Apparently, it’s pretty masculine to think in problems vs. solutions, but I like it.) The solution is simple: produce bags! Lightweight (because no one wants to overpay) and transparent (the cashier needs to see what you buy). So, recently I bought a set of Flip and Tumble’s produce bags to be very hip in the grocery store while using no plastic bags at all.

Ethically produced produce bags … seriously!

Flip and Tumble is a company that invents environmentally friendly solutions and works from a CO2-neutral office. Whenever I browse through their site, I get all excited about their other products, so naturally you will read more about that later! Of course, the Dutch solution would also work: bringing something from home, similar to the produce bags, so you don’t have to buy these ‘official’ produce bags, but I was happy with their bags and that’s also worth something.

Let’s get this ‘bags move’ going!

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