Today I will …

replace the plastic water bottles by an Aqua-licious.

A couple of times a year I welcome a parcel from The Netherlands into our basement apartment, packed with gifts from people who love me. Awesome! Several weeks ago it was that time again. This time it was a birthday package which included a very surprising gift: 2 Aqua-licious bottles.

Until that moment, I had never even heard of Aqua-licious, but after a minute of pure astonishment (‘What’s this?!’) I got really enthousiastic. Because there are probably more people like me, I’ll explain what I’m talking about. Aqua-licious is a product that replaces the plastic bottles in which loads of people drag around their water. It’s not a simple water bottle, but a reusable, light and yes really: foldable (!) bottle. To top the whole thing off: it’s dishwasher safe and made of BPA-free plastic.

The ‘bottles’ are available in all sorts of hip designs, also fun for kids!

Using an Aqua-licious means less waste! Make sure you rinse it thoroughly before its first use, unless you really like the taste of plastic. One last advantage: you don’t have to carry around heavy RVS bottles (which the Husband does every day).

I’m in!

Psstt … To help you out a bit, we’re planning a ‘share & like’ on Facebook, sponsored by Aqua-licious! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the details.

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