WakaWaka … 

the Dutch way!

Hopefully after reading my blog post about WakaWaka,
you got just as excited as I am. My solar cell is in full use, loading in the windowsill by day and charging my phone by night.

Some time ago, I emailed back and forth with a few employees of the company, as I was curious about the delivery status of my order. After all, I had pre-ordered and couldn’t wait to get my birthday gift. We also ‘talked’ about The Better World and I asked them some questions about shipping to Canada. It didn’t take long before they offered me a special ‘The Better World discount’!

Shipping within the Netherlands is free.

WakaWaka wants to make a difference by being a bright light. Therefore, everyone who orders using this code gets a whopping 15 percent discount! This way, they make it a lot easier to order, so we too, can play our part and be a bright light to others. What’s more: when you buy a WakaWaka, you get to give one away too!

All you need to do is use the code THEBETTERWORLD15 before completing your order. Thank you so much, WakaWaka!!

Psstt … Do you live in Canada and do you want to buy a WakaWaka? Shipping to Canada or other countries, will cost 20 USD (18 euros), but there is a chance Customs will check your package (my bad luck) and charge extra duties. In my case it was an extra 30 CAD. Too bad, but fortunately I did get that discount already. 😉
Not so into surprises? WakaWaka gave me the website of a Canadian online store
that sells some of their products. So that’s an option. However, you can’t use the discount code at that store.