It’s been about eight months since I started my flexible vegan journey, so it’s about time I fill you in on the experience thus far! As you can read in the blog post I wrote about that, I committed myself to going vegan for three days per week, leaving room for some cheese, milk products or an egg on the other days. The Husband was willing to take this step with me and we started off with a schedule to keep track of our vegan days (for you guys!).

The first weeks we stumbled quite a few times, thinking we had a vegan day and suddenly realizing that the meat substitute did have some egg whites in it, or the bread was made with milk powder. Sometimes it was just the beer after dinner that turned out to be not completely vegan (because: honey), or the potato chips with milk powder … I think we actually almost completely ate vegan those first four weeks, since we messed up some days by such a little part of our food, that we needed to do another completely vegan day to earn our tick on the schedule.

That’s why, after a couple weeks, we changed our approach. Realizing we changed our habits already, we felt it wasn’t necessary to commit to three full vegan days, but just keep our habits as vegan as possible. After all, eggs and yoghurt used to be on every grocery list, but now I hardly ever buy eggs and yogurt is a treat instead of a daily breakfast. We changed our meat substitute from vegetarian to vegan, and only eat vegan bread. Also, I mostly eat vegan chocolate now. I found some really good chocolate (see the blog post I wrote about that!) and don’t feel the need for non vegan chocolates!

All in all I can say this flexible vegan journey made us aware of the animal products we ate and made us cut back a lot on those (while we were already barely eating any animal products, compared to a regular Western diet!). Nowadays we might not have a lot of completely vegan days, but I think almost every day is at least 80% vegan, which I think is great. And the best part: it’s not a hassle at all!

Interested? Just think about changing a couple of things. Some things we did: breakfast with almond milk instead of yoghurt, vegan chocolate, vegan ‘meat’ instead of vegetarian, vegan bread (it’s not weird, bread should be without milk!), and checking our beers and chips if they’re vegan. Most of the beers and chips are vegan, so you still got so much flavours to choose from! This way you have a couple of vegan products in your standard diet, which make your daily intake of animal products a lot lower already, without any extra hassle or thoughts!