Today I will …

give you an update on my rice-click-adventure.

Not too long ago I wrote a blog about the website and told you about my wish to click together a meal for a hungry person. (See this message: )

I keep on wondering: how many rice grains make a meal?

And I’ve decided I’ll find the answer to that question today!

Since I’m from Europe, I like to work with grams, so I had to convert cups (as listed on the package of rice I bought) to the amount of grams for 1 person. After some weighing I found out the amount of rice for 1 person is 60 grams. In some Dutch cooking books I found numbers between 60-100 grams, so that makes an average of 75 grams.

But yeah … how many rice grains is that? Since I had some spare time, I’ve counted that for you (well, sort of, it’s 48 grains per gram): one meal will have an average of 3600 grains of rice and that means you’ll have to answer 360 questions right to feed 1 hungry person.

360 correct questions will feed 1 hungry person.

But, wait! Don’t be discouraged! I’ve tried this a couple of times and timed it, so I am glad to tell you that this will only cost you 11 minutes and 46 seconds of your life! Sometimes the internet is slow, so I’ve taken an average of 3 times I’ve tried it.

Not even 12 minutes to click a meal!

And you know what? Since the beginning of my rice click journey, I’ve clicked together 12.8 meals already. It’s that simple and I will keep on doing it.

Psstt … Want to join? Create an account and become a member of the group ‘The Better World’, so we can collect those grains together! (This is the link to the group: 

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