Today I will …


A couple of months ago I started this blog, hoping to give my ideal of a better world a practical format. Now, I’m 25 steps in, and I wrote 25 blogs (plus 1 news item) in two languages and I have been thinking a lot about my ideals. It means a lot to receive so much support and to see other people join me or share their ideas. Of course I hope to build even more on this foundation I have laid and see a group of people stand up for a better world!

As you might have noticed, English isn’t my first language and I’m very lucky to have people around me who check my blogs. For example, I’ve learned it’s ‘bear with me’, not ‘bare with me’ …

I thought it would be useful to evaluate this period to see which steps work and which don’t. Besides that, it might be fun to read which step(s) I like the most or the least. Almost every day I think of new steps to take and new areas in which I can make the world a better place, but these first 25 steps can be classified in two groups: environment-oriented and people-oriented steps.

Most of the environment-oriented steps are actions that feel pretty natural to me. These steps weren’t too difficult to take and became part of my life fairly quickly. I’m glad I don’t spill tea all over my countertop that often anymore when I tear the staple out of the bag, and I’ve learned (we’ve learned) to pay attiontion to the amount of clean underwear we have, so I don’t have to wash too often, but I do wash in time!

‘I’m running out of clean boxers’, my husband told me when I was already in bed. Almost asleep, I mumbled something like ‘OK’, but the next morning I didn’t remember a thing … Well, that’s a lesson he learned the hard way …

Earth Hour turned out to be a cozy hour with candles and games, so I’m planning on doing that more than once a year. Turning off lights we don’t need is already a daily routine for me. The blog about printing in a different font was fun to write. It bazzled me how much money we can save with such a simple trick! But to be honest, I tend to forget this one  when I quickly need to print something … It is worth it to be more aware of it and to think twice before printing!
All in all I think the environment-oriented steps were pretty simple and I hope your experience was the same.

The people-oriented steps were more fun because they allow you to do something for somebody else. The ‘environment’ doesn’t show its appreciation. However, those steps are certainly as important as these ones. Apparently, the appreciation, or the possible appreciation (because most steps I did, were anonymous or for a stranger) works very motivating.

Last winter, my husband and I walked through the neighbourhood with a snow shovel to shovel a path for a neighbour and throw a positive postcard in his mailbox (because: combining is the key!). That was so much fun! The neighbour wasn’t home, so that must have been a nice ‘welcome back’ for him/her! Dropping off the Sinterklaas-package worked the same way: secretly doing something positive and afterwards chuckle about it to myself …

Nobody noticed the change in length of my pony tail.

Donating my hair has been the biggest step so far and that did cost me quite a bit of pain … afterward. I don’t like my hair this short and it grows sooooo dang slowly! But seeing a video of a little girl getting a new wig, or receiving a thank you note, makes me aware of why I donated my hair and of how unimportant the length of my hair is. It will grow back, even if it takes a while. Except for donating my hair, I can repeat all of the people-oriented steps fairly easy. Going to bed on time might be the hardest. 😉

For now, I will surely continue writing my blog and I hope to motivate more people to join me. Together we will build the better world! Furthermore, I’m very curious if one or more of these steps helped you in any way. I’d like to hear some opinions, ideas, tips and tricks … Photos and videos are also welcome! Leave a reply here, e-mail me or spam me on the Facebook page, interaction is motivating and gezellig.

These posts are in no way meant to show off, but solely meant to share my journey with you. 
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