You can call me naive or idealistic, I don’t really care … I keep on believing in a better world. Not a better world made by the leaders of the moment (Not: ‘They make the big decisions, so they have the key to the better world.’), but a better world we can accomplish ourselves: we make or break this world, by our choices! 

And what would be better than to start making a difference in your own life?

Renske Reitsma

Renske Reitsma

This blog will be a report about the choices I make to make the world slightly better. I consciously choose for changes that are really simple, small and seemingly unimportant. Seemingly, because even those small changes will prove to make a difference. The big steps, like building your own eco-house, are so awesome and inspiring, but most of the time too big. I would love to do something like that, but I know I probably won’t. That’s why I choose for little baby steps that even I can achieve. One step at a time to make the world a better place, and that involves different areas of life: economize, people around us, donating … After a while, I expect to discover more areas where I can make changes; it’s a process, a journey, after all.

Every blog-post talks about one step and by sharing this with you I hope to inspire you to take the same step, or even better: to come up with better ideas, and create a circle in which we inspire and motivate each other! So feel free to leave a reaction to the posts, or an e-mail or message me however you want.

Naive Idealists, unite!